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CDF Membership

CDF Membership

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Join an Elite Group...Again!

Who is Eligible?

You don't have to be a Combat Diver (or even military) to join. You just need to support the CDF mission to preserve the history of the Combat Diver community. 

What are the benefits?

Your membership card will unlock discounts from participating vendors and will serve as your entry key to the "Dive Locker" team room at the eventual Combat Diver Museum. 

You'll also take home some really great CDF merchandise only available to members. But most importantly, you'll be joining a group that is passionate about the CDF mission.

Types of Memberships

Each membership comes with a fantastic and unique merchandise package.

  • Lifetime Membership ($250)
  • 3-year Membership ($130)
    • Upgrade to Lifetime Membership ($160)
    • Renewal ($100) You keep your member number and your card, even if you've been inactive for extended periods

Custom Member Numbers Available

For a small additional fee (+$50) you can choose your own member number between 00001 and 99999. Choose your ODA number, your child's birthday, or something else. It's up to you! Each member number consists of one to five digits with an assigned suffix.

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