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2022 Commemorative Art (Pre-Order)

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Preserve the history of the Combat Diver community with this commemorative print by French military artist David Lequement.

These limited run prints will be serial numbered, embossed, and signed by the artist and will include a letter of authenticity. The number of pre-orders will determine how many prints are produced. Once the print run is complete, the plate is destroyed and no additional prints will ever be produced, making this a truly valuable collector's item.

Dimensions: 12.5" x 15.5" (TBD)
*Images are of a developing concept. The final design may differ in some aspects based on your feedback! So tell us what you think!

-August 2021: Pre-Orders begin
-August 2021-March 2022: Concept refinement
-March 2022: Final Design
-May 2022: Delivery of prints